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Ordinance Summary

This is only a summary of all ordinances. Please contact the Clerk to see any or all ordinances in complete detail.

The following are ordinances currently in effect for the Town of Stanton under powers granted by State Statute 60. Parties interested in reading any or all ordinances should contact the Town Clerk.

  1. Control and License of Dogs: Adopted July 1981, all dogs 5 months of age as of Jan. 1 must be licensed. Contact Town Clerk.
  2. (Stanton is a Dry Township: Referendum April 1999, No selling of alcoholic substances within the township.)
  3. Storage of Dangerous Materials: Adopted July 1981, No material used for industrial purposes may be stored or used within the town except by permit from the Town Board.
  4. Control of Fires: Adopted March 2005 – Revised August 2012, Permission from DunnCounty non-emergency 715-232-1348 is required for all fires, if not exempted, within the Town. Recreational/Controlled cooking fires in a container or fire pit are exempt.
  5. Mobile Home Personal Property Taxes: Adopted June 1986, All mobile homes are taxed as personal property taxes due, in full, Jan. 31.
  6. Fences: Adopted Dec. 1987, Line fences are needed where at least one landowner is using land for farming or grazing and a dispute arises.
  7. Littering: Adopted May 1990, Littering is prohibited on all town road right of ways. Violators, upon conviction, shall pay $200 to the Town Treasurer.
  8. Road Weight Limits: Adopted June 1992, Weight limits are placed on all town roads during the “breakup” period. Written permission for exceptions may be granted by the Town Board.
  9. Collection and Recycling of Solid Waste: Adopted Feb. 1994, The Town operates a recycling center at the Town Shop. Spring and Fall roll-off services are also provided.
  10. Driveways: Adopted March 2005, All new or relocated driveways on town roads must be approved by Town Officials.
  11. Confidential Information to Town Assessor: Adopted June 2000, Unless exempted by law, income from property to the assessor is not public information.
  12. Ambulance Service Costs: Adopted Sept. 1998, State Statute 60.56 allows the Town Board to establish reasonable fees for Ambulance service. These services are provided through the Boyceville Fire/Amb. District of which Stanton is a member.
  13. Business Investments and Corporate Farming: Adopted April 2000, By this ordinance, the town limits the number of animals to be located on a farm. Appeal of this ordinance requires a public hearing.
  14. Building Permits Required: Adopted July 2002, Permits are required for any buildings of $3000 or more in value such as outbuildings, storage buildings, ect. (see Ord. #18 for dwellings).
  15. Town Plan Commission: Adopted Sept. 2002, This ordinance establishes the Plan Commisssion its purpose and operations.
  16. Structure Setback Distances: Adopted Nov. 2004, Setback distances from town roads and neighboring properties are detailed with exceptions.
  17. Town Road Standards: Adopted Oct. 2004, Specifications for maintaining existing roads and constructing new town roads are included in this ordinance.
  18. Uniform Dwelling Code Inspection Requirements: Adopted Sept. 2004, By state law this ordinance requires all one and two family dwellings built since June 1, 1980 to be inspected by a certified building inspector commissioned by the Town Board. Contact the Town Clerk for building inspector information.
  19. Comprehensive Land Use Plan: Adopted June 2005, The Town of Stanton adopted this Comp. Plan via public surveys, hearings and citizen participation. All land use ordinances must be consistent with this plan.
  20. Subdivision Control: Adopted Feb. 2007, This ordinance controls the establishment of major subdivisions within the town.
  21. Minimum Lot Size for One and Two Family Dwellings: Adopted March 2008, Minimum sized lots are required by this ordinance with a one time exception for current land owners.
  22. Citation Ordinance: Adopted August, 2009, This ordinance allows the town to issue citations for violations of all town ordinances and spells out necessary procedures.
  23. One year moratorium on sand mining (dated December 19, 2011)  
  24. Clerk-Treasurer Appointment
  25. Regulation of Business

Business Regulation

Regulation of Business

Town of Stanton, Dunn County, Wisconsin



The title of this ordinance is the Town of Stanton (“Town”) Regulation of Business Ordinance.  The purpose of this ordinance is to act for the good order and commercial benefit of the Town and for the health, safety, welfare and convenience of the public.



This ordinance is enacted pursuant to §60.22(3) and Chapter 61 of the Wisconsin Statutes.



This ordinance is adopted by a majority of the town board on a vote with a quorum present and voting and proper notice being given.



Prior to opening/starting a new business in the Town, any person (including any individual or entity) wishing to engage in any business or commercial activity must first submit an application to the Town Clerk.  Such application shall consist of a general description of the nature and extent of the planned business.  The Town Board will review and act on such application ata meeting agreed to by the Town and the applicant, such meeting noticed pursuant to §§60.12 and 985.02 Wis. Stats.

If the Board finds that the business or commercial activity is a legal business, has all appropriate permits and licenses to operate within the Town, will not create health or safety hazards, including but not limited to increased road traffic or potential road damage, and is not otherwise prohibited by law, the Town Board may authorize the business or commercial activity.

There shall be no charge for review under this ordinance.  All other applicable fees and costs under any local, county, state or federal law remain unaffected by this ordinance.

This ordinance applies to any business or other commercial activity which proposes to begin operation or begins operation after the effective date of this ordinance.  The Board may, at its discretion, perform a background check related the proposed business or commercial activity.





The Town may take any appropriate action to enforce this ordinance, including but not limited to seeking injunctive relief or issuing citations under the Town’s citation ordinance.



If any provision of this ordinance or its application to any person or circumstance is held invalid, the invalidity does not affect other provisions or applications of this ordinance that can be given effect without the invalid provision or application, and to this end the provisions of this ordinance are severable.



This ordinance is effective on publication or posting.

The town clerk shall properly publish this ordinance as required under § 60.80. Wis. Stats.

Adopted this__________day of _____________________, 2013


Rich Monn, Town Chair





Valerie Windsor, Town Clerk    

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