Town of Stanton
N8414 Co. Rd. O
Knapp, WI 54749
(715) 665-2568

Office Hours
please contact Clerk-Treasurer

Chairman, Rich Monn
Supervisor, Bob Anderson
Supervisor, Steve Nielsen
Clerk-Treasurer, Valerie Windsor


Real Estate and Personal Property Tax

If you have questions please call the Clerk-Treasurer

All of our property taxes are collected by Dunn County.

Real Estate tax is due in two installments, first half by January 31 and second half by July 31.

Personal Property tax is all due by January 31.

Dog Tax

All dog tax is due by April 1.

Spayed or neutered fee is $3.00 per dog.

Intact dog fee is $8.00.

Please send the current vaccination slip to the Clerk-Treasurer at N8414 Co. Rd. O Knapp, WI. 54749 with the appropriate fee and I will send you the dog license, tag and return your vaccination slip.

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